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Sainte Croix Cognac’s are unlike any other. The notes of our fine Cognacs represent those that that enjoy it most. Distinctive elegant boquet’s with smooth sophisticated tastes ensures that we separate ourselves from the pack. Explore this exclusive Cognac collection that showcases a unique blend of traditional methods and modern innovation.

Every sip of our prestigious range is an experience on its own. From the distinguished tasting notes and the intoxicating aromas to the delicate smoothness of this fine, glowing Cognac


The perfect cognac for enjoying night out with friends! A silky smooth taste allows for the ultimate use of this fine blend. The cognac has a bold and unique flavour that brings out the fruity notes creating a pleasant palate experience


  • Taste

    Balanced and well-rounded, with vanilla, pear and white peach aromas.

  • Bouquet

    An intense, tempting bouquet with floral and fruity notes, and a hint of oak.

  • Colour

    A pale gold, with brilliant flashes of amber.


This VS from our exclusive Cognac collection is extremely versatile and partners very well with a variety of mixers. This Cognac is best enjoyed “On the rocks”, with Cola, or in one of our creative cocktails mixers.

Sainte Croix Cognac VS
Sainte Croix Cognac VSOP


Immense patience and years of ageing have allowed us to create a range of exceptional eaux-de-vie which are now at the peak of their development. The sophisticated elegance “À la Française” of the carafe begins telling story of this nectar. The tasting notes are a balance of intense wooden flavours, blended together with complex and full bodied aromas. This “taste festival” is sublimated by the “Rancio Charentais” typical of a very long ageing process.



  • Taste

    Smooth and silky, yellow fruits and citrus. Superbly rounded with a great aromatic intensity.

  • Bouquet

    Remarkably subtle on the palate, with prominent notes of peach and apricot. Powerful yet elegant, with a light resin aroma and a finish dominated by sweet honey notes.

  • Colour

    Amber robe with flashes of gold.


A well matured VSOP from our exclusive Cognac collection that boasts a remarkable smoothness and deep aromas that engages you best when enjoyed “neat” or “on the rocks”. Sipping slowly releases the full bouquet for your pleasure.


This full bodied Cognac whose fineness brings harmony to its lingering flavour. A blend of our most distinguished eaux-de-vie, matured for at least thirty years. This Cognac is blessed with incredibly rich aromas and flavours and is dressed in a robust and powerful carafe, created in the image of the emblem. The nose is an autumnal and olfactive trip. Dried fruits and wooden aromas highlight the maturity of the brandy. Finally aged for years in oak casks.


  • Taste

    The nose boasts a wonderful, floral freshness, with subtle vegetal notes evolving to reveal delicious hints of cinnamon and ‘Charente rancio’.

  • Bouquet

    An attractive, surprising bouquet. A wide aromatic palette revealing woody hazelnut
    aromas enhanced by dried fruit and vanilla notes.

  • Colour

    A robe of bright, intense gold, with flashes of copper.


Blessed with a great elegance and rare balance of flavours, our XO from our exclusive Cognac collection is best enjoyed neat and sipped slowly appreciating its extraordinary volume and persistence on the palate. Allow the warmth of your palm to gently warm the Cognac.

Sainte Croix Cognac XO




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