since 1756


In 1842, Hubert de Sainte Croix is a lawyer in the jurisdiction of Paris. In 1854, he participated in the Crimean War under Napoleon III. In 1865 he came to live in the Charente vineyard, the house of Mosnac, on the left bank of the Charente. In 1867, the family Philippon purchased this area vineyard.

Now for over forty years, Francis Mocq is working with friend and family Philippon. It was at this time that he discovered the monks in the town had been maturing fine cognac since 1765. Knowing that all the great lovers of Cognac look for a producer who will supply them with an exceptional vintage, which is reserved for connoisseurs and friends he entered into an arrangement to sell this fine cognac.

Francis Mocq became a specialist in the most excellent of old Cognacs and worked tirelessly with the monks to produce the very best quality for Saint Croix.

Today, the respect of the tradition, the experience and the know-how are the privilege of Francis Mocq, in producing, distilling and ageing in oak barrels, this brandy, this gift from God we know as Cognac. With the family Philippon, he has learned this way of working which has been passed on from generation to generation.

Saint Croix continues to deliver superb quality in the hands of Amelie Charruaud the superb cellar master in this joint venture with Unicognac, a cooperative in the region of Cognac. Amelie is passionate to maintain the high-quality set by the family Philppon ensuring every bottle of his cognac leaves with the reassurance that the Saint Croix quality of 1765 is still delivered today.




Cognac is an amber-coloured liquid, derived from twice distilled wine made specifically in the winelands of the Cognac region in France. A very select few blend of grapes may be used to create Cognac, these are primarily Ugni blanc, Folle Blanche, and Colombard varietals.

Not to be tied to just one type of designation, cognac can also be classified by its cru, or the geographic region where its grapes are grown. Much like wine, the grapes of a specific region — even if they’re the same varietal — will taste different due to the terroir There are six cognac crus in total.

Once distilled and aged for a minimum of 2 years, Cognac is born. The barrels used, the time matured and the ongoing care are the key elements in creating a distinguished Cognac.


Creating a masterpiece is no easy task and takes patience and a meticulous eye. Only the finest mature white grapes are picked on the annual harvest to ensure the perfect white wines.

These selected wines are distilled twice to create the flawless eau-de-vie variants. This is a delicate process and only the most bold and distinctive variants are selected to  be placed in aged wooden barrels for a minimum of two years. The utmost care is undertaken whilst the maturing process takes place.

Once the ageing of the eau-de-vie’s have reached their full complexity, our master distiller selects the very best to blend the perfect range of Cognacs.




Sainte Croix Cognac Cocktail

The Innovator – Creative cocktails

Sainte Croix VS Cognac is the perfect partner on its own or with a premium mixer or for refreshing cocktails beach-side or while enteratining guests. Try one of our unique cocktails or get creative with your own!

Sainte Croix Cognac Rocks

Modern Maverick – On The Rocks

When you need to impress your top client to secure that lucrative deal or celebrating in true style in the VIP at an exclusive club. Make sure Sainte Croix VSOP has a seat at the table.

Sainte Croix Cognac XO Neat

The Connoisseur – Served Neat

Only the very finest is fit for the true connoisseur. The distinguished Sainte Croix XO is a rare gem that is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks and will create the best vibe for the most special of occasions.



Amélie grew up in Sainte, France. Driven by a lifelong passion for wines and spirits, Amélie worked in several French vineyards and notably Bordeaux. She came back to her natural region and her first love for spirits and joined us 5 years ago in order to perpetuate the ancestral work and knowledge of our House. Her love of Sainte Croix and her passion for quality follows the long tradition of the brand.

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